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AnyPotty Self-Operating Dog Toilet
AnyPotty Self-Operating Dog Toilet
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AnyPotty Self-Operating Dog Toilet
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9V, electrical cable.

AnyPotty is the world's first automated self-cleaning pet toilet with deodorizing capabilities! AnyPotty is a new and improved way of waste sanitation for dogs. All it needs is an electrical supply! AnyPotty is equipped with sensors, deodorizer and self-cleaning mechanisms that guarantees a waste-free situation whenever the pet wishes to relief itself.

How it works? The potty-trained dog will seek out his potty; in this case, the AnyPotty. He would then proceed to remove his waste on AnyPotty. If the dog has just passed liquid wastes, the urine would seep into AnyPotty straight through its blinds-like grate. Should the dog relieve its bowels instead, AnyPotty would pause for a minute after the dog has stepped off before turning its blinds-like grate around, thereby disposing the dog's waste into AnyPotty's recesses for easy disposal at a later date.

Size: 620 x 485 x 110 mm (gate area: 500 x 397 mm). Weight: 7 kg. Suitable for dogs up to 8kg.

Available in yellow only.

See demo movie @

Potty Training Your Puppy
A new puppy is a joyous addition to any home. Who can resist that cute little bundle of lovable furry fun? Wouldn't it be great if puppies were potty trained and came into our homes without any mess or bother? OK, reality check here.

Just ask any dog owner what the hardest task at hand is, and most will agree, that potty training is high on the list of unpleasant tasks. Actually, potty training is a simple task, requiring merely a little patience and diligence.

First, be mindful of puppies as infant dogs, not children. Dogs are creatures of Habitual Re-enforcement. Start early with the basics, and you will have a well trained and obedient friend for many years.

A sure fire method of potty training, at least in the opinion of a kennel and breeder friend of mine, is to simply catch the puppy in the act of relieving itself.

First, you need to decide where you want him to go to the bathroom. Immediately approach your puppy, pick him up gently but firmly, and tell him "No No" with a firm clear voice. Carry your puppy immediately outside, preferably to a pre designated area, and set him down on his haunches, holding him firmly for a few moments. If he still needs to relieve himself, keep him in that spot and pat and praise him when he's finished. OK! Not so hard, eh?

Guess what, he will do it again. So, make a game out of it, get the kids involved and when he starts to go, repeat the routine, acting immediately and firmly.

Puppies tend to be the center of attention at first, especially with kids, so there is usually someone at hand to scold the puppy in a gentle manner and immediately remove him to the designated site.

This method is a quick and effective method in toilet training any puppy, who, with the right amount of attention and praise, will be toilet trained in no time at all.

It's important to catch the puppy in the act. Coming home and finding the mess a couple of hours later and then getting upset and scolding the puppy will only make your job harder and confuse the puppy. What then, you may wonder? Well, a method that has worked for me is to carry the puppy to the offending deposit, showing him the mess and telling him No or Bad in a firm voice. This will allow the puppy to actually see what he is being scolded for. When the puppy can actually see what he is being punished for, he is more likely to remember.

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